Louis Ludvic

August 1, 2011 No comments yet

Our greatest concern is getting the teachers paid who work with the children as well as providing one meal a day for each one of them.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
God bless
Bro. Ludovic, Children Ministry, Haiti
HELP Ministries, 113 Deacon Ln. Pinnacle,NC

Update from Emmanuel Childrens Home, Imphal, Manipur, India

July 29, 2011 No comments yet

These three boys and one sister are coming very regularly at our children home and Sunday service. We are helping their education. Their name from left to right Brother Sabju, Bro. Sanajaoba, Bro. Ojit, and sister Aingbi. Their parent are Hindu and very poor family; we are helping their education.

Brother Jotin in the middle is our instructor and he is teaching them every day their lession.

Ngouba (right) and Sandhiyarani (left) are brother and sister and grown up at our Emmanuel Children home. Now Ngouba is studying Class VII and Sandhiyarani is Class VI. They are orphans and we are praying for their future.

* We want to recruit two more orphan we need financial help cost is $ 1 a day per head for their food and school and cloth etc…

Myanmar Children’s Home Ministry

January 17, 2011 No comments yet

It is my pleasure to let you know about our children’s home ministry
here in Myanmar.

My wife and I started it in 2003 on September 1st with a little girl
who was an orphaned. After two weeks, the Lord gave us 14 children.
And then after three months there were 31 children. Right now, we are
housing 29 orphaned and poor children. These children would have
become thieves, prostitutes and robbers who would go to hell fire
forever if we did not take them to our home.

The Lord had spoken to our hearts about the children’s home ministry
as we started our church planting ministry here in Shwe Pyi Thar,
Yangon, Myanmar in 2001. But, we did not dare to start it at first
for we did not think we are good enough to grow another human being,
except for our own biological children. But, the Lord spoke louder
and gave us more burden so we decided to pray about it and commit it
to the Lord’s will as we also search the Scriptures about orphans
(fatherless and poor children). Later we found Scripture verses
talking about the orphans. We found out that the Lord is in a great
deal of the orphans. He is in mindful of them. He loves them and
that He wants us to take care of them.

So, finally, my wife and I said together that we should do this work
also because the Lord wants us to do it no matter what. So, we
started the children’s home by faith (trusting in the promises of God
in the Bible). And, until this day, the Lord takes care of all of our
children and its ministry.

My family and I have just moved in to our children’s home last
December 28th. We are very busy every day but we are very happy and
excited about the Lord’s work.

Our needs right now are:

1. More monthly supports. (The amount of support we received when we
had 14 children was still the same until today. Praise God we did not
loss it!)
2. Water purifying system. (Our water is full of Iron.)
3. Another property beside our home.

Attached are some of the pictures. Hope you could download them. If
not, please let me know. I would send you again.

The name of our Home is: Grace Children Foundation
We are housing 29 children not including my own 3 children.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!


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