Fearnow Jan 2014 Newsletter from Belize

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Knickerbocker January 2014 Newsletter

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Bonifacius Winter 2014 Newsletter

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Scotty Drake December 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Another year is about to come to a close. The years seem to go by faster as we get older (mom warned me about this).

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To think that God would come to earth as a little baby to save sinners like me, still amazes me.

This has been a great year again and if the Lord tarries, we will continue to serve Him in His strength.

To give you an update, we were involved in Mission Conferences in Tennessee, Indiana and Florida. We were blessed to have National Pastors from several countries with us.

Because of your faithfulness, we visited eight countries this year and recently returned from India and Myanmar (Burma). Pastor Ken Griffin, Pastor Jared Shoemaker and his dad Greg, traveled with me. In India, we preached in three churches on Sunday and had a total of 90 salvations. Then to Myanmar where we taught approximately sixty National Pastors eight hours during the day, and then, preaching services each night.

We were on eleven different flights with two eight hour lay-overs. Bro. Jared with the help of the Lord kept us going (HA). Wish I was thirty again!

God bless you for your help, we could not do this without you.

Scotty & Barbara Drake

Fall 2013 Newsletter of Daryl and Shirley Bonifacius

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Did your summer hurry by as fast as did ours? And now fall is only a few weeks from also passing. Truly our days are as brief as the morning dew. May God help us to seize each opportunity as they are swiftly passing.

Seven Adults Saved
Since our last newsletter I have had the joy of leading seven adults to the Lord. Two were elderly men, one of which was in his late seventies and the other was eighty years of age. Please pray for the spiritual growth of these baby Christians.

Leaving For Kenya, Africa
The day after Thanksgiving Brother Earl Dorminay and I will be flying to Kenya for a series of meetings with several national pastors. We will be speaking in a number of different churches, conducting three Bible school graduations, and also speaking in a large Bible conference. Please pray for our safety and for the Lord to bless our efforts. We are trusting God for a great harvest of souls and spiritual decisions to be made.

Container To Pastors In Kenya
We are excited to inform you that a fully packed 20-foot container, which was prepared recently is presently floating towards Kenya. It is due to dock on December 10th. The contents weigh a total of 19 tons. There are 1,393 boxes which contain some three million Swahili gospel tracts, 288,000 Swahili gospels of John and Romans, nearly 300 Thompson Chain study Bibles, also 900 pounds of commentaries and books. Along with these materials are also several hundred hymnals, several hundred devotional booklets and Sunday school literature as well as DVD’s and other helpful materials. Our plan is to be there when the container is opened for distribution.

House Church/Building For Pastor Chin
We are still working with the Asian pastor in assisting him to be able to obtain a piece of property to construct a building in which to have church and to maintain his personal home. We will keep you posted as this project progresses. Please continue to pray for this dear pastor as his church building and house was recently swept away in a flood.

A Christmas Gift For Our Saviour
The cost of sending the container to Kenya has surpassed our estimates and we are presently some $1,500 in need. If you can help us with this need it would be greatly appreciated. A Christmas gift for Jesus to the Book and Shipping Fund would help us defray this $1,500 deficit. Would you prayerfully consider this request?

At Home With The Lord
In early October my precious mother took ill and was hospitalized. Several days later she went on to be with the Lord and my dad in Heaven. Shortly thereafter I conducted her funeral which was a very difficult yet blessed experience. I want to thank each of you that prayed for our family during that difficult time.

In closing, my wife and I want to thank each of you for your faithful prayers and financial assistance. We are laborers together in His great vineyard striving to point lost souls to Calvary.

With kindest regards,

Daryl and Shirley Bonifacius
Philippians 2:16
H.E.L.P. Ministries Field Representatives

Philippine Relief Fund

November 14, 2013 Comments Off on Philippine Relief Fund

Many of you have heard about the recent storm that hit the Philippines.  We have had many churches call us with a desire to help.  This in turn, prompted us to create a Philippine relief fund to be used for both the immediate and long term needs.  The immediate needs consists of rice, canned goods and water.  Ultimately, we hope to assist some of the churches in their rebuilding effort.  Please see the attached letter from Arnold Espino, a Filipino missionary to Vietnam.  His letter represents a tiny sample of the widespread devastation.  Thanks for your prayerful consideration in this matter.  We have also attached for your viewing a letter that is being sent to all of our supporting churches.    Please call us at 336.444.4329 if you have any further questions.

Arnold Espino Philippines Relief

Philippine Relief Fund Letter

Knickerbocker – Prayer Letter October/November, 2013

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Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support as we are now in the midst of our Fall Florida Conferences. By the end of November we will have been in 48 churches with 150 church services and eight volunteer drivers traveling with our eight missionaries. Praise the Lord, we are witnessing a spirit of revival and a renewed interest in missions. We have enjoyed good food, fellowship and generous love offerings in the various churches.

While being hosted by Pastor Paul Tipton and Riverview Baptist Church in Fort Pierce, FL we were able to reach people going door-to-door. Our missionaries led 10 people to Christ and many others were given a gospel witness. Then we all spent one day at Faith Baptist Church Publications print shop in Ft. Pierce volunteering. The men machine-punched holes then inserted spiral binders, packed books, labeled orders, ran copiers, and collated books. They were given free books (“extras“), tracts and Bibles. Faith even printed 1,000 prayer cards for one of the missionaries free of charge.

While home for a few days the Lord opened an opportunity to speak to my neighbor and his friends about Christ. They were excited to hear the gospel and asked Christ to save them. Pray for our neighbor Michael, (22) and his friends Dennis (22)(originally from Liberia, West Africa), and Jihad (24)(a former Muslim) to grow in their faith.

During the week of October 20, I flew to Albany , New York to preach in a Missions Conference. It was a wonderful time with many young teens who were on fire for the Lord and interested in missions. Then I flew to Chattanooga for the HELP Ministries National Conference at Tiftonia Baptist Church in Tiftonia, GA. On Thursday, I helped drive the van as we brought the national pastors back to Tampa to continue our conferences.

While I am staying here in Tampa with the pastors, I am able to develop and teach a college course on the Ministry. It was approved by Landmark Baptist College and they will award the men college  two hours of credit upon completion of 30 hours of instruction. The preachers are excited and encouraged as they further their education in this way. We are learning a lot about their cultures as topics come up for discussion.  Thank you for your love and prayers.

Thomas and Barbara Knickerbocker, HELP Representatives

Dr A.D. Mathew’s October 2013 Newsletter

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Check out the link below to download a PDF of Dr. A.D. Mathews Ministry Update Newsletter:

Ministry Update

Thomas and Barbara Knickerbocker – Prayer Letter – September, 2013

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Dear praying friends,

What a wonderful time I had in Rwanda and Burundi, Africa this past week. I was able to speak to a church in each country. In Rwanda I spoke for two hours on Baptist Distinctives, then preached on Sunday to a crowd of over one hundred. Pastor Hezekias Hakizimana is doing a great job with many needy people. Among the church members he has about 12 widows and 50 or so children. Seventeen of the children have AIDS, but all were excited to be in church and sang with enthusiasm. Pray for his building program. They need about $800 to purchase 800 more bricks to finish the walls, then about $800. more to purchase metal for the roof. This building will be a great help to the growth and expansion of their ministries. Hezekias has a vision to start a Bible college, a primary school for the orphans and a house for the next pastor. HELP Ministries churches provided the $2,000. he needed to purchase about four acres of property. The pastor himself sold a piece of family property to build what you see in the picture below. Could you give something to help this dear brother who has already sacrificed so much?

In Burundi, I spoke for four hours on Baptist Distinctives. The people were very attentive as we met in the Rehoboth Baptist Church “building” constructed of poles nailed together with pieces of tin and blue tarp covering us. In answer to prayer, God held off the impending rain.  It is amazing how these people do so much with so little. Since Pastor Hezekias has no means of personal transportation we traveled by public bus, taxi van and car, and motorcycle. God provided the safety.  Thank you for your prayers and faithful financial support.

Your friends,

Thomas and Barbara Knickerbocker

Late Summer 2013 Newsletter of Daryl and Shirley Bonifacius

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Dear Supporters and Friends,

We greet each of you in the beautiful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  So quickly, it seems that summer is virtually past.  So does our window of opportunity in Christian service.

Soul Winning At The State Fair

Every August, we help two churches to conduct a major soul winning campaign at the annual West Virginia State Fair.  We praise God that 305 precious souls made a profession of faith.  The oldest person that was saved was a 72 year old woman.  By God grace, I was personally able to lead several souls to faith in Christ.  I saw another seven professions of faith from preaching and personal soul winning.  I attached several pictures from the fair this year.

Container To Kenya, East Africa

Recently, Shirley and I went to Indianapolis, Indiana and picked up 300 hard-back Thompson Chain Study Bibles.  We then carried them to Milford, Ohio where they were put with 2.1 million gospel tracts and some 175,000 Swahili John and Romans.  Very soon I will be traveling to South Georgia to pick up a large donation of commentaries which we will sort and then put on the container to Kenya.  We are very grateful to our friends at The Fellowship Tract League and also Bearing Precious Seed for their generous donation toward this container project.  We anticipate some 21,000 pounds of Bibles and literature being shipped.

Meetings In Africa

The Lord willing, Brother Earl Dormany and I will be flying to Kenya for a series of evangelistic meetings this fall.  We hope to be able to coordinate our time there with the arrival and distribution of the container from America.  We plan to leave in late November and arrive home around the second week of December.

Needy Pastor And Church Planter

One of our Middle East church planters is in need of your prayers and financial aid as he is attempting to double his soul winning and counseling ministry over the next coming months.  Last year at that same time he saw over 40 souls saved and some 35 baptized.  In his long ministry of over 30 years God has used him to plant some 71 Baptist churches in various Muslim countries.  Praise God!  If you would like to give a donation for this need, please send a check to H.E.L.P. Ministry earmarked “Tent Evangelistic Ministry”.

A Christmas Gift

With the cost of the container to Kenya being some $10,000 our Book and Shipping Fund will be virtually depleted.  A Christmas gift to the Book and Shipping Fund would be greatly appreciated at this time.  We have other shipments planned, but can only ship as the funds become available.

Asian Pastor Needs Prayer

One of our pastors recently had his house/church washed away in a flash flood (see attached pictures).  I am trying to coordinate and effort to help him get land to be able to rebuild.  Please pray about this need.  If you would like more information about this pastor’s circumstance, please contact me at pacogooway@yahoo.com or 865.661.8196.

Shirley and I are indebted to each of you for your faithful prayers and financial backing.  You truly have a part in every decision and every book or Bible that God enables us to ship.  Truly, our ministry is your ministry.  We are His partners together.  May God continue to bless and honor each of you for his great name’s sake.

With kindest regards,

Daryl and Shirley Bonifacius

Philippians 2:16

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