Knickerbocker Prayer Letter – Sept/Nov 2014

Posted on November 3, 2014

Dear praying friends,

In Revelation 5:9 and 7:9, we have a glimpse of what kind of people will populate Heaven. In both verses, they are described as from every kindred, tongue, people, and nation. Gods’ desire is to have a representation from every one of the 24,000 people groups on earth so that He can get glory from around the whole earth. In Isaiah 66:18, God says, I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.
We feel privileged to work among some of the greatest missionaries and church planters on planet earth through HELP Ministries. Currently, we are in conferences here in Florida with six of our national pastors. They are as follows: Alberto Alcantara and Jeffrey Balois from the Philippines, Samuel Apata and Julio Valencia from Bolivia, Ricardo St. Gelus from Haiti, and Mike (not his real name), from Vietnam. It is my privilege to travel, eat and fellowship with these men and hear what God is doing in their countries.
Mikes story is gripping. His father was a Baptist pastor in South Vietnam where they enjoyed relative safety as long as the Americans were there. When the American soldiers were called home, the Communists rushed across the border and occupied South Vietnam. The first thing they did was round up the pastors and Christians and either put them in concentration camps or killed them. Mikes father was captured, interrogated, accused of working with the CIA and then beaten with a hoe until dead. His body was then cast into a nearby river and was never heard of again. Mike was seven years old at the time and for the next ten years he blamed God for what had happened. He hated the communists for killing his father and hated God for allowing it.
Finally, at age seventeen, with the encouragement of a mother who had kept her focus on the Lord, Mike trusted Christ to save him. He said that immediately, all the hate disappeared and a love replaced the emptiness in his life. Though he did not understand why God had allowed his father to die, he trusted his Savior to accomplish His higher purpose. It was not long before God called him to preach. For four years, he and his new bride studied in the Philippines and then returned to Vietnam to win his countrymen to Christ. Currently, he is pastoring an underground church and conducting a Bible school to train church planters. He maintains such a sweet humble spirit and has a great sense of humor. Please pray for this dear national pastor.
We thank you for your prayers and faithful financial support as we conduct missions conferences for the next two months. Lord willing, we will be in 47 churches with 159 services, using 10 drivers and 8 national pastors. We will be all over the state from Jacksonville, to Gainesville, to Tampa, to Homestead, and to Daytona Beach and Fort Pierce, Florida, and all points in between. We thank the Lord for one lady who was saved in a church conference in Ocoee, Florida last week. We praise Him for all the decisions at the altar in each service.

Yours for souls,
Thomas and Barbara Knickerbocker

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