Newsletter from Belize – Fearnow

Posted on November 3, 2014

To the faithful in Christ

It seems that just yesterday I was writing a report to you and sharing with the efforts being made to bring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that some of the young adults and teenager have been asking for a time in which they can have a fellowship together. They choose to have their service on Saturday nights along with entertainment and snacks of various sorts. It started very small and has grown a little, and they are bringing visitors now and again. But I am lacking in having the tools of entertainment; I built a foosball table from scratch but only made the table itself it needs legs but for now they are able to play foosball. But that is the only game I have for them, Lord willing I would like to have a ping pong table also, whether I can buy it or I can build it doesn’t matter. There needs to be more than one activity because not all can play foosball at the same time; so I am trying to make other games available if possible.

They do their own service to an extent, I only preach the message and chaperon along with a couple other older adults. They conduct the song service and even have specials sung and I have told a couple of them that they should prepare testimonies and even messages but they has not followed through as yet. My grandson plays the guitar for the music and Edgar plays the tambourine and lord willing we will have some to play the piano also, and am looking forward to the fruit that will come from it.

I can’t remember if we have baptized one or two since the last letter, I suppose I like Paul am not so caught up with dunking them in the river but rather introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ, certainly not lessoning the importance of obedience to the Lord’s ordinance of baptism. But if someone truly finds Christ then obedience should follow not only in baptism but in a Christ like life as well. The just need to be feed the word of God so they can grow and live by Gods standard’s.

I truly am in need of your prayers day and night that God will order my steps and my speech be seasoned with salt and I give answer to all that ask of me what hope lies within me just as I make request you on your behalf before our great Lord and God. And I am thankful to the Lord for his effectual working in you that sacrificially give to missions and the representation of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world. Time is short, the decay of righteousness and understanding of sin is greatly dimmed around the world; we must keep our vessels highly polished and clean, and be as bright of a reflection as possible for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Charles Fearnow from Belize

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